Parish Directory

The Parish Directory lists the responsibilities taken on by our parishioners.


Position Person  
Interim Priest Rev. F. Graham Cliff  
Parish Administrator Adrien Lambert  
Christian Education Coordinator Barbara Little  
Choir Director Melissa Driscole  
Sexton Jeff Napierala  
Organist Mary-Jo Cliff  
Senior Warden Linda Rogers  
Junior Warden Judah Whitney  
Treasurer Charlotte Massoudi  
Asst. Treasurer Anne Hawk  
Asst. Treasurer Dave DeNault  
Senior Warden  Linda Rogers 2017  
 Junior Warden/B&G Chairperson  Judah Whitney 2018  
  Jamie Loss 2017  
  Harry “Butch” Schmaltz 2017   
  Barbara Castanzo 2018  
  Scott Welsh 2018  
  Derry Bird 2019  
  George Ginader 2019  
  Emily Mattes 2019  
 Clerk of the Vestry John E. Enders  
 Alternate to Vestry Barbara Monick  
Acolytes & The Group   ‘Uncle’ Rick Little  
Adult Choir Melissa Driscole  
Adult Forum Fr. Graham Cliff  
Advent Event *open*  
Advertising (Newspaper & Electronic Bulletin Boards)  Rachel Baildon  
AGAPE Joe Skinner  
Altar Guild Marie Zawislak  
Appalachia Service Project (ASP) Emily Rancier  
Bible Reading Inserts Linda Rogers  
 Children’s Church (aka Bird Church) Melissa Driscole,Nancy Bird   
Chimers Melissa Driscole  
Christian Outreach/Disaster Relief Lynne Spangenberg  
Fellowship Liaison *open*  
Finance Judah Whitney  
Liturgy Assistants Linda Rogers  
Marketing Jerry Zawislak  
Meals on Wheels Scott Welsh  
Memorial Gardens Junior Warden  
Nominating Karen Voigt  
Parish Picnic *open*  
Pastoral Care Rev. F. Graham Cliff  
Reaching the Pygmies Wayne Divis

Linda Rogers (Newsletter Updates)

Jack Rogers (Treasurer)

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper Jamie Loss (2017)  
Special Events/Programs Janine Port  
 Spinners (2nd Sundays 1PM) Emily Rancier  
 Stewardship & Commitment Sunday *open*  
Talent Show Barbara Castanzo  
 Ugly Quilt Group *open*  
Ushers Lee Rancier  
Welcome Back Covered-dish Breakfast *open*  
Worship & Music Derry Bird  
Lessons and Carols Services Nancy Bird